Bloom Kitchen

Conscious, vegetal, lively cuisine.

Bloom Kitchen was born from the deep conviction that what we put on our plate has a direct impact on our health, mood and well-being.

The Bloom House team selects local, seasonal, organic and ethically traded products as much as possible. We develop recipes with ingredients selected for their nutritional, digestive and energetic quality.

Raw, lively, colorful, gourmet cuisine but also a selection of cold-pressed juices, vegetable drinks, smoothies, superbowls and snacks to offer healthy alternatives to city dwellers.

All the products offered are homemade, made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, wild roots and plants, nuts, seeds, spices and superciments, all from organic, local and ethical agriculture.

We do not use refined sugars, additives, preservatives, GMOs, gluten and lactose free options.

Bloom Kitchen recipes are inspired by the seasons, travels, childhood memories, meals shared with family or friends. We have added naturopathic secrets to it to please you while taking care of you.

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La carte

9,50 DH
fruit bowl et smoothie
15,50 DH
entrée & plat
ou plat & part de cake
7,00 DH
Smoothie & part de cake ou fruit bowl
15,00 DH
entrée & plat
ou plat & part de cake
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